Wednesday, March 30, 2005

just a little silliness

the new vague project's that time again. Time for another stellar project idea from the greatest design prof that ever graced the campus! This time, WE get to make up the some extent. We are to take historical elements/details and place them in a contemporary building/space. BUT, no CAD drawings....just sketches or however we feel would purvey the idea to "a client." (the only problem is that I'm not very good at sketching...think a client would like abstract art?!) The only other provision is that we can't use the same era/style we used on our first project. Whoopie...wouldn't want to do that anyway. Needless to say, some of us are having a hard time swallowing this project idea. It's just too "open." Others see it as a great chance to have some freedom in their projects. I'm not sure how I see it, yet.

I'll be updating for sure just so you are aware of how things are moving along or how I'm procrastinating on it (though I'm really REALLY going to try not to do so). All I can think though is "ONLY 6 WEEKS LEFT!!!!" Then it will be summertime...the BEST time of year...if you ask me!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

back to the grind

This is me....this is the end of Spring break. :( Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 26, 2005

My lifeless Life on Delaware

So....I kinda got a life this weekend. A Life on Delaware. It all began on Thurday night. I drove for over 4 hours to get a life! I didn't know that's all it took to get one. I think they should put that on a bilboard somewhere....or in a "Guide to Getting a Life" book or something. Would be pretty handy if you ask me.

Ok, so now I'm here and what did we do that gave me a life? Well, on Thursday since it was so late when I arrived, we did nothing much. Watched some TV, then went to bed. On Friday morning, we had breakfast, then went shopping. Woo hoo! We had lunch at Fazoli's and also stopped at the store of my friend's in-laws and later went to downtown Ironton so I could do some sketching. It's an old town, so there were LOTS of historical details for me to sketch....poorly. (perhaps that's the purpose behind this's just busywork!) In the evening, we ate dinner and watched some tele until the littlest one went to bed. Then we watched the movie Bubba Ho-tep....well I half watched it as I kept falling asleep. I didn't get to see the ending as I gave up and went to bed. From what I did see of it, it's bizarre and not sure if it'll be worth renting sometime just to see the whole thing.

Now today, I'm sitting here typing all that's happened in my life these past two days and awaiting the arrival of my sister and nephew. They are driving up from Ft. Polk, Louisianna to spend Easter and the week with us. So...who knows when they'll be here. They left Cave City, KY this morning and called to let us know they left, but couldn't give us an ETA as they were unsure of how many stops they'd have to make for my nephew. It's now 11am EST and still no word from them. If they left about 8am CST they'd arrive here about 1pm EST without any stops. But my sister said they had to stop about every 2 hours on the trip to Cave City to change my nephew. I sure hope it's not really late in the day that they get here b/c we then have about a 4 hour drive back to Louisville where Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Kev and Aunt Wendy await.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring Break???

Um....I thought that's why it was called "spring break"...we are to GET A BREAK!!! It's not enough that some of us are busting our butts during the semester with working in order to become deeper in debt for this degree all while completing the classes necessary to obtain said degree, our prof's think it "cute"/necessary to give us "small assignments" for over the break. HEAVEN FORBID we get a week off to do nothing but relax. Not think about design...too much or too hard. Oh no! That would be ludicrous and unheard of! It would be SO nice to have a week where all I had to do was focus on work...that's it...nothing more. (Even better would be a week to focus on nothing at all!)

But, alas, here's what I have to do over my "break:"

1. Sketch some historical details of some historical places that we don't necessarily have to travel to in order to do. We could just walk down the street...oh and some need to be interior too...

2. Go into 3 different types of stores and observe their lighting. Then write a one page paper describing their detail.

3. Write a 2-3 page essay discussing how an author describes a certain architect/designer/movement b/c they may see it in a different way than someone else.
Well duh?! Don't we ALL see things differently??!! Like how I see this paper....TOO MUCH WORK FOR A LOWER-LEVEL CLASS!!!!!

Plus, the gals at work keep pestering me to bring in some sugar cookies that I usually make for every holiday. They say "you're on spring break?!" To which I reply "yes, but I still have to come here AND do some schoolwork." They don't really care. They only care about them getting to eat the cookies. Now, I must say that they're mighty tasty cookies. Truly they are. And I would like to make them, honestly I would, but they take HOURS to make and frankly, I don't have those hours to do it. So, to satisfy these sugar-craved mongers, I thought I'd put together a little Easter basket with some goodies and hopefully it will satisfy them....keep your fingers crossed.

Oh....and pray that I get all this crap done on my "break!"
(and they wonder why we forget so much over the summer "break"!!!)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Last Maid on Earth

That would be me.....the last maid on earth. I attended my friend's wedding this evening. It went well, despite the children who were definitely seen AND heard! I had a bit part....I did a reading. (kinda like "I carried a watermelon") I was to be the Maid of Honor when the wedding was to be in July. However, my friend moved the date up to tonight and it would have been impossible for me to do the position and her justice. So, I gratiously declined....and she was ok with it. She had her future sister-in-law be her Matron of Honor. Mind you, she's told me that she's wanted me to be her Maid of Honor whenever she got married again since her divorce 5 years ago. So, it was a little hurtful when she was so "ok" with me not standing up for her. And it didn't help that she also said how GREAT her Matron of Honor was right to me. It was as if she thought I wouldn't have been there for her or helped her like this one did. I really shouldn't be so shocked though. The "coupled" tend to stick to their own kind and leave us singletons to our lonely selves. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for her and her new husband. I just don't get how I can be the best friend she's ever had one minute and be "Michelle, who?!" the next. And when we ever did get together it was all about her and him. Never even a "how are things going with you?" Whether she cared or not. That really irritates me. I don't like it when people act as if their lives are all I care about. Like I have no great things to share.....ok I really don't since the title of this blog states that I have a non-existent life. But still, what if I did have some terrific news to share? When would I be able to share it? I would never be asked and it's not like me to butt into someone's story just to talk about me.

I hope to someday become coupled but until then, it would be nice to get some compassion from my coupled friends. Not all of us are lucky enough to meet "the one" early in our lives....some of us have to wait.....and wait......and wait.....and wait.....and wait.....and wait..... But that doesn't mean that we don't count; that we still don't like to talk to you, hang out or keep in some sort of contact. We're not some sort of sub-species that's not worth your time other than to talk about yourself and everything that's happening to you. We're still quite capable of being social even if we're only a party of one.

Last weekend I was the 7th wheel for a dinner party (9th if you count the two children). But I didn't mind b/c they didn't just point and laugh at me b/c I was the only single one. On the contrary, they actually engaged me and asked about how I was doing and what was going on in my life. But this is also an interesting group of people. I knew the 3 guys from Walsh....not real well, but I knew them and they knew me. Then after my wedding was called off, another guy I knew from Walsh, who was friends with the first 3 guys mentioned, called me and asked me out. I went b/c why not?! So, to make a long story short, we went out and I got re-acquainted with these guys and also met their, at that time, girlfriends. We hit it off and even though the relationship didn't work out btwn this guy and myself (he ended up marrying some chick with the name Michelle....interesting, eh?), I got the friends in the break-up. Needless to say he was shocked/furious to see me at the wedding of our two friends. He went up to all of them individually and asked why I was there and why he wasn't told that I was going to be there. The bride, who I'm the closest to, told him that she didn't realize she had to get his approval on the guest list. The best part was that I was seated close to the bridal table with all the friends and he was in the back with his wife and the old people! Tee hee...that was great! :) back to the issue at hand. I'm seeing the greener grass on the other side, but am not sure how to get past the barbed wire at the top of the fence. I need to find a nice tall guy to give me a boost.....which I know mentioned in a previous post and again...long story. Maybe someday.......

For now...I think I'm done with attending weddings....Um...crap...ok I'll be done after this september when I'm the Maid of Honor for my other friend where I'll be the only single person there. Woo hoo. Can't wait. Then again, that is about 6 months away and I could be taken by aliens or something. What? Did you think I meant that I would have a bf? Silly.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Reliving the past

I've been doing that a lot lately it seems. What with the last post of mine and my friends' Life on Delaware talking about our days in parochial school and tonight with my visiting with a newly re-acquainted friend from high school, it's been a pretty nostaligic past couple days. Some times I do wish I could go back to high school, but only if I knew now what I didn't know then. I'd be a different person. I wouldn't worry so much what the "popular" (aka stuck-up snots) thought about me or if I was cool or not. Mainly b/c I know, deep down, they really wished that they could have been as cool as me. Although, one girl did tell me and my friend that she wished she could have a "beater car" like us. She was driving a Fiero which had a habit of spontaneously combusting. Yeah, sure wish I had THAT car! I'd take my 84 chevy cavalier with the AM radio over that anyday! Yes, I said AM radio. Nothing like Christain music to get you and from Catholic school every day! Eventually my talented brother put in an AM/FM CASSETTE radio for me. Now that was stylin'!

So, thinking about the past, I wonder, as my friend's husband wonders....why didn't I date in high school? His theory is that guys were too intimidated by us....must have been by our beauty. He thinks it was by our tendency to be a wee bit sarcastic now and then. And I mean a wee bit. Oh there were guys who were interested....perhaps they were only in my mind, but I feel that they felt pressured to not ask me out b/c their friends would think it "uncool." Here's a weird irony though....I asked a guy to Turn-a-bout junior year (that's like the Sadie Hawkins dance where the girls ask the guys) and he took DAYS to get back to me and everyone in our class was talking about it like I asked him to pick my nose for me or something. Ultimately he said "no", but here's the ironic part. The next year at the same time, I asked his best friend to go with me...he said yes right then and there. Perhaps it was b/c I had gone to school with him since 1st grade and he already was immune to my "cooties" or perhaps he didn't care what his friends thought of him going to the dance with me. I just thought it was funny that it was ok for him to go with me to the dance, but just one year prior, it was UNcool for his best friend to go with me.

So, I was dateless in high school. There's nothing wrong with that. I didn't have to worry about getting knocked up or finding him smootching a different girl in the hall and frankly, I think my high school years were better for it. I don't think kids that age should have "steady" boyfriends/girlfriends. I developed stronger and deeper friendships with my friends over those four years than with any boy I could/would have dated. Many of my friends today are from high school. We just had our 11 year (our class is a little lazy) reunion and from my observation and discussion with others who attended, those of us from St. Louis who then went to St. Thomas are still friends today. A lot of the others were just reconnecting that night. Now who's the "uncool" one?!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

playing games

this is a continuation of the blog done by my friend who got me started blogging....her link is the third one down on the right side of the screen.

I too wore the fabulous uniform jumper seen in her picture....however I did not have the fancy red & white stripped legwarmers....I think mine were navy and never stayed up. It was essential to wear them as we had to go outside to play no matter what the weather was. Cold, snowy, rainy, sunny. Didn't matter. At 10:00am & 11:25am every day we were shoved outside into the elements to fend for ourselves. Oh and they had this little policy that girls could wear pants and sweaters only during certain months. And we all know how warm it gets in Ohio in March! So, we had to freeze in the classrooms as well as on the playground. Kids these days think they have it SO tough. I mean, they actually have to wear shorts and tennis shoes to the very school where we had to wear skirts and dress shoes (slippy shoes as we called them since we tended to spend more recess time in the nurses station getting our scraped knees bandaged than on the playground b/c we slipped all the time!) Boy would the school have gone under back then if everyone was as "sue happy" as they are now. B/c it couldn't possibly be the parent's fault for making the kid wear these shoes since we were also in MUST be the school's fault! But I digress......Then there was 7th grade when we got to wear skirts and blouses instead of jumpers. We sure felt grown up then! But as we were blossoming into beautiful young ladies (well some of us were....others just got hit with the big ugly puberty stick....HARD) the boys were morphing into perverts. They thought it hilarious to flip our skirts up. So, how did we get them back?! We started wearing shorts under our jumpers/skirts. Ha ha! We were so crafty then! Some even carried this on into high school for a little bit as we were unsure of the "maturity" of these perverts. Needless to say we eventually got to stop wearing shorts....some girls didn't mind if guys flipped up their skirts....but those were also the girls who's skirts were barely classified as skirts. I think a swatch of cloth would be more descriptive.

As I think back on those days of having your wardrobe planned out for you day-in-and-day-out, all I can think is "I sure miss those days!" It's so much easier to just KNOW what you're going to wear every day versus having to look at your closet and think "I have nothing to wear! It all makes me look fat!" With a uniform, you always know what to wear and the only thing you have to worry about is "which white shirt will I wear today?!" Ahh....those were the days!

Ok...ours weren't quite like this, but same pattern. Never had the Mary Jane's though. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 14, 2005

the end

I'm sure you're all dying to know whether or not I finished my project. Well....I did.....just now. It's not pretty, creative, specatular, nor HGTV worthy, but it's done. Whew! I'm really beginning (continuing) to not like these projects. I mean, if they were truly creative projects, coupled with some guidance/teaching, I might be able to turn in a project that's actually good. But just taking an existing (or existed at one time) house and just copy it really only teaches me how to steal others' ideas. That's about all I got from this project....oh and how to use the Micro Fiche computer thingy in the library. Talk about fancy-schmancy! Other than that....not much. I'm sure you could say that it's my fault for not learning from this project, but I feel that my projects in Studio ONE were more challenging than studio 2,4 and 5. Hmmm.....had the same prof for all of those.....hmmmmm......I think I see a pattern here! So, Studio six should be interesting b/c we will have the director of the ID program, the "end all and be all" of design. We'll just see how offended she is by how little we know! Should make for an interesting class.

Ok....that's it for now. Just wanted to satisfy your curiosity about my project.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

should I stay or should I go?

That's the BIG question of the night....or morning as it's almost 3AM now. No, I'm not just getting in from a hot saturday night date. And if you're thinking that, then you must have missed the whole point of this blog.....if so, then let's re-cap. I am an ID student, currently with a project deadline of this tuesday without having my project completed as I type this, and therefore I have NO LIFE! So, I'm taking a break from this idiotic project I like to call "busy work b/c the prof has NO clue how to actually TEACH ID so we get to do these stupid projects basically on our own without any type of guidance and our minds fill more and more with doubt about our abilities in design which feeds our anxiety in the hope of finding a job after we graduate from this 'esteemed' design school."

Hmmm.....I still debate on whether or not I should continue working or just go to sleep. If I continue working I may make a HUGE mistake since I'm so tired. I could, for instance, slice off my hand with my X-acto knife and not really care. Perhaps I glue myself to my board?! Oh wait! Neither of those could possibly happen as I'M NOT EVEN DONE WITH MY CAD DRAWINGS YET!!!!! So, aparently I'm going to continue to work on this thing I like to call "crap-on-a-stick" and hopefully won't delete it all with one click of the mouse.

I'm so envious of all of you who're staring at the backs of your eyelids!

Friday, March 11, 2005

like sands through the hourglass.....

No time for a real post tonight. I have a lighting project to do/finish by tomorrow AM. See??? What did I tell you?! Friday night sitting here staring at my computer working on a project = NO LIFE! Here's hoping that your Friday night is far better and exciting than mine! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Me and my shadow

Sure wish I had a the magical ones in the cartoons that come to life and are able to do things for you. I guess that would be your typical, modern-day clone. If I had a clone, I'd be having it to all the work I don't want to do. However, I wonder that since it's a clone, will it have the same appreciation for procrastination that I do?! If it would, then I'd be screwed. Nothing would get done. And there'd be two of me in the world. I don't think that would be such a bad thing, but I'm sure there are others who would think otherwise. One good thing about having two of me would be that I could send this one to the hell-hole I call work while I stay at home and lounge around watching soaps and daytime TV (NOT Springer....we're not even going to go down that road) or just do anything and everything that I'd like to do, but can't b/c I'm at work.

If this clone thing wouldn't happen to come to fruition, then I think I'd just settle for finding and keeping a sugardaddy. That's been a lifelong goal of mine.....and I'm still searching. I did try the whole love thing once....he just had a problem with only having one girl in his life. He thought it ok to have a fiancee (me) AND a girlfriend who he introduced me to (while being his fiancee) and told me that she was a lesbian. He apparently wasn't aware of my "gay-dar" and I knew instantly that she wasn't. But, stupid is as stupid does....and boy was he stupid! So, now, I'm in search of my sugardaddy. I'm not trying to do the whole "Anna Nicole Smith" thing. That's not me. I just want a guy, around my age, who has no other objective in life other than to give me his platinum card to shop and buy whatever my pretty little heart desires. I know you're thinking that's just not right and that there is someone out there for me. I just need to wait and he will come...or it will happen when I'm least expecting it...or I should just stop being so bitter. Well, sometimes you just have to be a realist. I've been waiting....for five years prince has ridden up on his white horse to take me away from it all. Heck, the footman for the prince hasn't even walked up to say hi! So, I just go about my life in my little fantasy world knowing that my sugardaddy is out there and he's waiting for someone to come along and spend all the money he makes (aka me).

But, for now, I have to deal with all the wierdos and creepies who come along and dig me....yet I do not dig them. There was one recently who I considered his mind we were after only TWO consecutive dates...but he had one little problem, the psycho ex/non-ex. Really didn't want all that drama in my life. Needless to say, it didn't happen.

Then there's the whole "why not try internet dating?" Um....been there, done word: CREEPY!!!! Not that I don't know people who've found the loves of their lives online b/c I do, and I'm very happy for them. Somehow, though it doesn't seem to work out for me. Take my friend who's getting married this fall to the man she met online. We signed up at the same time b/c she wanted to get back in the dating world after breaking up with her bf.

I got TONS of e-mails and hits on my profile....she got a few.

She's now getting married....I am not.

Perhaps I am just too picky and this "ideal" doesn't exist....or I just haven't met him yet....or I have met him but he's too caught up in one particular reason why we can't date and therefore we don't. (that's a different issue in and of itself) that a horse I hear????

PS Project deadline still looming ever so closely....I still sit here blogging. Should make for an interesting project, eh?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Art of Procrastination

I must say, there are lots of ways to put off tomorrow what you can do today. For instance, one could sit for countless hours staring at a small rectangular box filled with tiny dots while pushing on a piece of plastic to make these tiny dots morph from one image to another. Also, while staring at this rectangular box, one can begin to keep track of all the ways to put things off in a newly created blog. Should this person blame her friend who introduced her to blogging by sending links to her and her family's blogs? I mean, even her 3-yr-old has a blog! Now, I'm new to all this, but have read several and I must say, if one is going to waste time, why not write down all your thoughts, feelings and/or nonsense in a blog?! It's sheer genius I say!

Now, the title of my blog suggests that I have no life.....well, it's true. It also suggests that I am an ID student. That is also true. One may wonder what an ID student is. Good thing I am 1.) an ID student and 2.) writing this blog. How fortunate for you! One may think that an ID student is someone who studies ID's. That could possibly be a valid major as there are majors for studying pop-stars. It could be training on how to inspect and detect fraudulent ID's those pesky teens like to get so they can vote before they're 18. Yet, mine is a study of the interiors and how they are designed. No, I'm not on HGTV or TLC or whatever channel. I highly doubt that one day I will be either. And for those wondering, no, I am not a decorator. There is a difference......decorators are on HGTV and the like (minus a few exeptions) while designers are out in the real world creating. It's amazing how once in the ID program and learning about design, one comes to realize that the crap on HGTV and others is just that....crap. Ok...again, there are some exceptions....just can't call any to mind right at this moment.

Back from my little excursion from the topic....the typical life of an ID student is truly non-existent....just ask my friends and family. They'll tell you! If I'm not at school, I'm at work, and if I'm not at either of those two places, I'm home...doing schoolwork (ie projects). It's tough to be working and going to school. This isn't like before when you can choose from several different offerings of the same class....oh no! They're set at specific times and you MUST take them at that time, or else!!! (The "or else" is that you'll have to wait an entire year before you can take it again! Nice!)

So, here I am an ID student with a project deadline looming over me and I sit writing a blog that most no one will read. Do I care?! Nope. Why not? Well, it's just in my nature to procrastinate and so I do. Besides, what else do I have to do?? My project???!!

Hope you've enjoyed this little babble from my life. I look forward to procrastinating even more with you as time goes by.