Monday, November 28, 2005

Hell week

Ok....this is it. The FINAL week before the project is due. Actually, it isn't even a full week as it's due on Friday at high noon.

That being said, bloggerworld will have to keep moving without me. I probably won't have time to check-in until after Dec 5th. That's the day my group is presenting and then it will all be over.

Well, that's a lie. I'll still have an exam the following week. ET. Gotta do really well on this, although I don't think I can do much worse than the 41% I got on the last exam. Ouch! Lowest grade I've EVER gotten in my whole entire life! Felt like I just should have put my name on it and turned it back in. Might have gotten a higher score that way!

So, that's it until December. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that I don't either kill a member of my group, slice my finger or other body part off with my X-acto knife, and/or end up in the looney bin before this is all over.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Just thought you might like to enjoy

some turkey on this day!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Atlanta Sludge

Here are some things I forgot to mention about my trip to Atlanta. Mainly the signs we saw along the way.

Seen written in the dirt of a truck's tailgate:

My daddy's #1. He ROCKS MY WORLD!!!

(I kid you not!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Funny Stuff

Upon flipping the channels, I came across AMC. Granted this channel hasn't been as good since it's gone to having commercials and all, but still I stopped.


Cause of the movie coming up.....The Jerk

I LOVE this movie!!! I remember watching it on my friend's video disc player in the 80's. We probably didn't understand some of the humor in it, but we knew it was funny.

If you've never seen nor heard of this movie, I highly recommend that you rent it right away!
It's a hilarious movie...unless you don't like stupid humor, then this movie might not be for you.
But, if you crack up at Dumb & Dumber, or The Naked Gun, then seriously, check this out!

You'll be really cool like this guy if you watch the movie.
I guarantee it.

If you don't like it, then you'll just have to hitch a ride to uncoolsville with this guy.

Doin' the Happy Dance

My ET prof gave us some news today. He had some good and some bad. He asked which we would like to hear first. We asked for the bad. He obliged and gave us the bad news:

Our final project is


I almost cried when I heard that. I couldn't believe he would give us such bad news without any warning! His reasoning is b/c we've done SO many projects already and he didn't post this one online in time. It was supposed to be posted last Tuesday, but he never posted it.

I can probably now enjoy my time with Princess Batty Enforcer and my bro with having only one major project to work on during Thanksgiving break instead of two. Whew!

Monday, November 14, 2005

THE bag

Here it is...

Oooooooo Aaaaaaaaaah

Close-up of the handles.
Look at that fine stitching.

Cat getting a look at it and wishing it were his.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Good Part of my Trip

Ok, so last time I focused on the bad parts of my trip to Atlanta. Now that I've got that out of my system, here are the good parts of the trip.

Wednesday morning we walked to the conference center. On the way there, we passed a barber shop. There was this old man there, he was the barber. He had the typical barber jacket and I'm pretty sure there was a comb tucked in his upper pocket ready to use! As we were walking by, the barber turned and waved to us. He smiled and waved like he has known us all our lives. Every time we walked past his window, he would make sure to turn, smile and wave. How sweet is that?! I think he was the nicest person in Atlanta and I never even spoke to him!

While at the conference, we got a really cool bag from one of the exhibitors. And allthewhile we were walking around, everyone kept coming up to us and asking "Where did you get that bag!" We were the coolest people at the conference. Well, at least until everyone else got a bag, then our specialness was gone.

For lunch one day, we hit the food court. I got penne pasta with chicken, roasted tomatoes, and olives. It was yummy. My friend got a hot dog/sausage/brat thing. I really don't know the classification of it. The funny part was about 1/2 way through eating it, my friend says "this is one big weiner!" I had to laugh at that! She didn't really get what she said until I repeated it. She had to laugh then.

Wednesday afternoon we were walking back to our hotel through Centennial Olympic Park, which I hadn't made the connection that that's what it was, I was talking to skii on the phone describing it to her. I said "It's like a park." My friend laughed and said "That's b/c it IS a park!" Duh me!

So, those are the good highlights of the trip. It really was more fun than I had depicted in my previous post. Here are some pictures from the Botanical Garden.



The top of this fountain is made out of glass. It's really cool!
There's another sculpture like this in one of the other garden houses.
They're just so beautiful.




This is a view of the city from the botanical gardens.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

To Hellanta and Back

I was in Atlanta this week and man was it a trip.

Here's what happened:

First off it took us 13 1/2 hours to drive's normally a 10 hour trip straight through. On the way down we saw many a strange thing. For instance there were these 2 enormous crosses at different places along the highway. One was by a church, the other by "Adult World." Then there was Bimbo's - it was a supercenter where you could buy gas, gifts, and fireworks. And I kid you not, it was called Bimbo's! Another thing we noticed, there is a Cracker Barrell at EVERY exit on I-75. Guess they love their country cookin'. (we actually stopped there for dinner since it was the only place that wasn't fast food at this particular exit)
One problem with the trip down was that I had a massive headache...on the verge of being a migraine. Not fun! Everyone was talking SO much and the music was SO loud that it was pretty miserable driving. (ok so they weren't that loud, but when you've got a headache a whisper sounds like you're talking through a bull horn) We finally get to Atlanta and find where we are to park. We drag all our stuff to the hotel and check-in. We lug all our stuff up to our room and upon opening the door, this is what we see:
Yes, it really was that small. 4 girls in one room with 2 beds,
a night stand, desk and dresser.
I am standing in the entry taking this picture.
(please ignore the idiot flipping the camera off)

And upon entering this room we realize it's very, VERY scary. Nothing like the hotels I've been in before. Felt like we were staying in a motel that rents rooms by the hours. One girl said "I think this place was a crime scene and I think I saw a hooker enter the lobby!" And I should have known it wasn't that great when I didn't find a Bible in the room. We decide to see if we can change rooms b/c otherwise we would be stepping all over each other in this one. So, we did. We got a bigger room that had only one bed and a pull-out couch. We walked in, put our things down and I went to lock the wouldn't lock. So, we called the front desk again and they put us in another room of the same size. We picked up all our stuff again, and lugged it to yet another room. We get into this one, put our stuff down and again I went to lock the wouldn't lock. I take a look at it and realize that the lock itself doesn't match up with the hole in the strikeplate, which coincidentally was being held on by only one screw. Nice! However, we realize that someone would need one of those card key thingys to get in and we always had that strong and secure latch that slid over a post on the door to prevent unwanted people from getting in. Plus it was now 12:30am and I really didn't feel like getting another room. We had to be up at 5am to get ready for the conference, so I wanted to sleep!

Now, I know you're thinking "one bed and four girls? How can that possibly work?!" Well, I'll tell you. This was the bed:

We had a king-sized bed so three of us slept here and the other girl slept on the sofabed. We had a little room with a fridge, iron and ironing board as well as a bathroom. The bathroom was a little less than clean though. It didn't have that band of paper over the seat claiming that it had been "sanitized for your protection." One of the little soap bars was already out and on the counter as well. Eeeeewwwwww

5am came WAY too early, but we got up, got ready, and headed out to the conference. It was being held at the Georgia World Conference Center across from Philips Arena. After we registered, my friend and I walked around downtown trying to find a hotel that might have a room available. But that was like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack! While waiting to cross the street, I was reminded of Seahag. We got panhandled! (sorry seahag, no pic) He was a nice man though, asked where we were from, said he loved the OSU Buckeyes and wondered if we had money for him to get a cup of coffee. When we said we didn't have any cash on us, which we didn't, he said ok and left us alone.

We headed back to the conference center and spent the day there. We got TONS of stuff and learned about great new products that enable architects, engineers, designers, and everyone else involved in the building process to build structures that aren't harmful or as harmful to the environment.

The BEST thing about this day....80degrees and sunny! It made me want to stay and never go back to Ohio! Sunny and 80 in November?! Heck yeah!

That night we went to find a place to eat dinner, we walked all around Atlanta trying to find the "Underground Mall." When we realized it was still a LOT farther away, we turned around and walked back to the area where the conference center was. We ended up eating at the Golden Buddha. Our waiter was cute in that it seemed like it wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. But he was great and kept the drinks coming!

The day was pretty good until that night. My friend got a call from one of the other girls staying with us saying that she wanted to leave Friday at 9am. We had planned on leaving Saturday way before we even left. She asked earlier in the day when we wanted to leave b/c her mom had to call the hotel and tell them since the bill was being charged to her credit card. However, this time around she said she wanted to leave Friday b/c she had TONS of work to do. Yeah, like no one else had that to do as well? Since the hotel had only dial-up internet that you had to pay for, we couldn't really do a lot of work. So, now we're behind.

Anyway, when I was told this, I got pissed off! First she asks us when we want to leave, we decide on Saturday and now she wants to change it b/c she has "lots of work to do." My friend wanted to go to the botanical gardens on Friday since there were only lectures in the morning and then see more of the town that night. But we compromised and said we would leave Friday around noon after we went to the botanical gardens. Apparently that wasn't good enough for this other girl. So, we skipped out on the afternoon of the conference on Thursday and went to the botanical gardens. They were beautiful! It was amazing that just outside of the city is this vast amount of greenspace that makes you forget you're in the city!

We found out later that this girl was upset and said that I yelled at her and thinks I am a bad person b/c of that. She was crying and the other classmates were telling her that I was just frustrated b/c she kept changing our decisions. Afterall, I was the one who drove and provided the vehicle for us. But that's beside the point. The funny thing is that I didn't yell AT her, all I said was "Someone had better decide when we're leaving!" The other girl who roomed with us wanted to go to a lecture on Friday morning and I told her that she shouldn't have to miss out on something she wanted to do especially when she paid her $99 for the conference just like the rest of us. She said she'd leave whenever I said b/c I was the driver. So, I said we would leave around 10am. The lecture was over at 9:30am so it would work out perfectly. The brat wasn't thrilled with this, but she didn't say anything.

Before you go thinking that I am such a horrible person, here's the real reason why I was pissed off. First this girl said that we had to decide b/c her mother had to call the hotel and let them know. So, we decide to leave on Saturday. Then she said that we had to leave on Friday b/c her mother didn't want to pay for the extra day for the hotel and parking. Later she said that we had to leave on Friday b/c she had lots of work to do. The ultimate and real reason for her wanting to leave is that she missed her bf. Plain and simple. She even said before we left that this would be the most time she's spent away from him. (They live together) Now, if she would have just come out and said this in the beginning, I would probably sympathize with her, but not give in to her demands. The other two with us have bf's that they see on rare occasions. My friend's bf lives in FL, so you can imagine how often they see each other! But the brat chose to lie and keep changing her lies just so we would give in and leave early.

So, Friday morning my friend and I got up and realized that the other girl and the brat went to the lecture. We got ready for the day, packed up the van and had breakfast. The girls came back to the hotel, packed and checked-out. The car ride home was VERY quiet...which I really enjoyed! We left around 10:30am and got back to Kent around 9:30pm. I must say it went a lot faster than the trip down. After we dropped the brat off where her bf was waiting, and her attitude dramatically changed once she knew she was going to be seeing him, the other girl told us that the brat nudged the other girl during the lecture at 8:45am (it started at 8:30am) and said "It's time to go!" The other girl just ignored her.

Needless to say it was an eye-opening experience and made me realize that I don't really like this person. I am just SO amazed at how rude and selfish people are!

So, just remember, if you get mad, you're a bad, BAD person!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Colors of Fall

My dad took these pics the other day at his home away from home.....the lake. Just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Take That Mr. Untch!

Mr. Untch was my HS Biology teacher. Sophmore year we had to do a science project. I did mine on ESP.

I had all these tests and whatnot. So, I gave my report and had my classmates do these tests. They also graded me on my whole presentation and pretty much gave me good marks. However, my teacher did not. I think he gave me a 'B' b/c he didn't believe in ESP.

Well, I not only believe in it, I believe that I have this special gift.

Here's why:

Yesterday I was in studio after class working while my friend was in class. She said she would call me after class so I could meet her at the Student Center. I was working when all of a sudden, I had this thought that I should get my phone for when she calls b/c it's on vibrate and I wouldn't hear it in my backpack. As I'm unzipping my backpack, I felt it vibrating. I opened my phone and saw the name on the was my friend!

Ok, so you're saying that's not so special. You've had that happen before. Well wait! There's more!

Last night I was working on my computer (I told you it's going to be a rough semester!), and my phone rang. It was my friend from this morning. She said "I have a question for you." And I responded "Yes, Gilmore Girls is a repeat." She then went on about how that's what she thought and was mad b/c the previews from last week didn't mention anything about it not being shown this week.

After all was said and done I asked her, "So, was that your question you wanted to ask me?" She said, "yeah it was!"

Yes, I have the gift. Now you can all start calling me so I can tell you what's going to happen in your life and then charge you $999 a minute for it!

So, there Mr. Untch! I'll be expecting a revised report card from you any day now. Thank you very much.