Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Show me the clippey!

There's nothing I hate more than when you click on a button that is supposed to show you a video clip and once it loads, you have to sit through a commercial first! If I wanted to watch commercials, I'd turn on the TV.

I just clicked on one to watch something about the world's oldest mom, but instead of getting the video clip, it begins with an advertisement for something. I don't know what it was for b/c I closed the window before it went any farther.

Why does everything have to be commercialized?? Doesn't NBC make enough money that they could forego the little money they're probably receiving from advertisements before video clips? Seriously!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Would you use this???

Anyone else think it weird to pour 4 oz of water up your nose???

Keyword: Toe Jam

Monday, January 23, 2006

My brilliant design idea

First off, thank you everyone for your suggestions on what to do in my weird building.

I've decided to go with something that wasn't listed, not because it's better, but because it's something I know lots about and am interested in.

I'm going to design a facility that assists and teaches people with low & no vision to function in their daily lives and possibly to go back to work too. If you don't know, I work in the ophthalmology field to pay the bills until I finish this stinkin' degree. So, since I know quite a bit about this field and find it very interesting, I've decided to go with it.

And not that all your ideas weren't great ones, it's just that a lot of them have been done before and upon talking with other students those same ideas came out. So, you see, I really have a unique idea that will push me to do more than just pick out colors and furniture.

I have to think of wayfinding and the use of colors and contrast to help those who have limited sight to better see their environment. And since I have that oh so lovely house attached, I can use that as a mock-up for the customers to try out gadgets and what-not.

So thank you again for the ideas! I appreciate it greatly!!! Now, just keep your fingers crossed that I come up with a spectacular design and finish on time!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Separated at Birth????

<--------Dancing with the Stars' Louis van Amstel
Life Goes On's
Tommy Puett------>

They even have the same mullet!!!

**And how the HELL does Master P keep staying in the contest?! Is it pity cause his son had to drop out right before it started so he didn't have that long of training? Cause really, it's like watching Frankenstein dance!! I just don't think he was made for Ballroom Dancing.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Famous Friend

So my friend's going to be on a game show tonite. Ok, so it's not The Price is Right or anything, it's just a statewide lottery game show, but it's a game show nonetheless! So, if you're in the Ohio area or pick up ANY Ohio station that shows Cash Explosion, turn it on! Skiingred will be the one behind the podium playing the game! ;) Good luck Skii!!! (although you already know the outcome, but are sworn to secrecy and cannot tell a living soul how you did...but can Izzy keep a secret??!!!)

Friday, January 20, 2006

What not to wear

If you're going to an establishment where exercise is taking place, please, please, PLEASE!!! for the love of God and all that's Holy, do NOT wear spandex!!! This is especially important for males. We really don't need to see how or where you sweat! GROSS!!

Unless of course you look like this! And I'd overlook the whole "required uniform" look you've got going on there too!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Last first day of school

Yea! It's finally here!!! The LAST first day of school for me! (I hope)

And the most exciting thing is.....it's COLD AND SNOWY!!!

Mind you yesterday it was rainy and 50...today. Snow and 30. And since it's the beginning of the school year, it's going to get colder and yuckier for the next 3 months cause nothing's more fun than walking across a huge campus when it's cold and snowy. And they've positioned the new buildings just so to create great windtunnels! So, all that cold air gets blown up your arse as you're trudging across campus too. Now who wouldn't want that kind of fun?!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Inspiration for a post

My friend is starting her own blog and she asked me what you write in a first post. I told her that I started with why I was writing the blog...b/c I was avoiding working on a project.

Now, almost a year later from my first post, I'm sitting here blogging again....and avoiding working on a project. I have to finish a one-page paper stating what I want to put into my building and the square footages and other information. I have most of it done except for what I want to put into the building (taking all suggestions from the previous post into consideration! Thank you all so much for them!!) and the square footages. I have found out that my measurements are incorrect which isn't too surprising as I have no accurate measurements for my site.

I was also freaking out b/c we were supposed to have all the existing drawings done by tomorrow and I'm nowhere near that! But my friend, who's starting the blog, told me that I'm not alone. So, that's good, yet not good for myself b/c I tend to get a little anxious about each project. Mainly it's my questioning my ability to finish on time. Oh and having a cool and quality project.

I'm still waiting for the "ah ha!" moment where it all just clicks and the creativity just pours out of me. I can't say that I've always been the most creative person in the world, sometimes I think I might be the least creative. that makes me second guess my ability to do this design thing. I hope I get to do more with my degree than just pick out paint colors at Lowe's or Home Depot. Not that there's anything wrong with that...I mean I'll probably need a second job to pay off all the loans I have for this wonderful degree. And I'll probably have to start charging my friends for when I pick out colors for them or help them paint their houses (inside not outside!) and move their furniture.

Ok I have to get to sleep...actually I have to finish that paper thingy for tomorrow THEN go to sleep. I had planned on going to the rec center tomorrow morning, but I think I'll wait to go until Saturday after class. Yes, another Saturday class for me! Yea!! But it's only 5 weeks long so that's cool!

Nitey-nite all!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Creative Block

The new semester is just around the corner and I've been trying to come up with an idea for my building I have to design. We all have a building in the same area of Akron. This was a primarily Italian area back in the day, but has since become rundown and not as safe as it once was. However, the city has begun an initiative to get those who own buildings in the area to fix them up. So, our ever wise professor thought it would be a great senior project to use this area for our final project at KSU. We still don't know the whole scope of the project since at one time the building requirement was 15,000 square feet and most aren't even close to 10,000 square feet (mine's barely 5,000 sq ft!).

That's my building ---->
(yeah I know...it's attractive)

For the first day of the semester, we have to have our ideas of what to put into this place. We will more than likely be expected to change the building by adding on to and subtracting from it. And that's just because we're also architects as well as designers. Lucky us!

We also have to take into consideration the others on our block b/c everything needs to work together to make a "community." Again, lucky us. So, I've been thinking and thinking of what to put into this building. In case you can't tell, there's a house attached to the back of it. That'll probably get demolished as there's no real point to it in this area. Plus it does nothing to add to the building. That means there will need to be more of a building added onto what's already there. Unless, of course, I change that too.

So, I was thinking of a few things to put in here. One thing was a vintage/second hand shop. I also thought of a cafe, but I just did one last year. There's already a barber shop and beauty salon in there, so I could just keep those and redesign them. I'd just really like my final project to be a good one for a change. We get so rushed with these projects that mine end up being just mediocre. I also thought of the top floor being a dance studio of some sort (maybe I've been watching Dancing with the Stars too much?) or the ever popular apartments or offices.

Other than that, I'm stuck. I'm sure if I sit here and think a little more about it, I'll come up with something. However, I just don't want to hurt my brain that much!!!

I would be interested in hearing what all of you think about my ideas as well as what you think might make a good improvement to this building.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My profile pic

If you haven't noticed, I've been on the hunt for a new profile icon. Not sure why since the one I had was pretty cute....like me!Maybe it's b/c I'm SO done with winter already even though it's just beginning and probably won't end until May. Yuck!

So, in case you missed it, this is the icon I've chosen to stick with....for now.

May I present Christopher Lowell
Yes, he's cheesy. Yes, he's gay.

But I thought he embodied what I thought of my education so far. I'm more qualified to be a decorator on TV or an architect's assistant (and by assistant I mean the coffee/copy girl) than a designer.

If anyone has a better suggestion, I'm all eyes!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Safeguarding our Children

For the New Years weekend, I took a trip to Delaware. On New Years day it was sunny and in the 50's....nice! Skii's daughter wanted to ride her new bike, which was reasonable since it was so nice out, so her mother got it out for her and she had a blast riding up and down the sidewalk. Their neighbor's boy got a very mini crotchrocket. I guess it was similar to the powerwheels that kids get, except it was a bike. And he rode it up and down the street....he's 5 (or 6)!

Anyway, Skii and I were talking b/c her daughter wasn't wearing her new helmet nor her knee and elbow pads. Aaaaahhhh!!!! We were wondering how we both survived childhood without this protective gear.

I amazed Skii by telling her that I never had training wheels when I learned how to ride a bike. She wondered how I mastered the skill without the aid of these extra wheels. I told her that I was put on my bike and told to ride! Ok....really my dad or whomever I conned into helping me learn, just held onto the bike until I got my balance and then let me go. Now, I've fallen off my bike quite a few times, got a lot of gravel and asphalt in my skin, and screamed like a banshee as the Bactine burned my skin off right along with the creepy-crawlies! Yet I seemed to survive without ever having a helmet. Although, I never flipped over my handlebars and landed on my head. Whew!

After my story was finished, Skii proceeds to walk...er ride down memory lane and reminisces about her bike accidents. Mainly two big ones. One time she was riding into town (she lived on the other side of the tracks....oooooh!) and her pedal broke off and I believe she did a "Pete Rose" into the asphalt. She picked herself up and hobbled onward, while pushing her bike, up to my house since it was pretty close, with pedal in hand. She survived though. Sans helmet.

In the other accident, she was riding her bike home from her job at Tropical Sno and she got hit by a truck. Not a MAC truck or an 18-wheeler, just something like an S-10 sized truck. Again though, she was ok. Just a little bumped and bruised.

So, how did we survive all these years without all the protective gear?! I seriously wonder how our parents could be so thoughtless as to not force us to wear helmets and knee & elbow pads along with a suit made of bubblewrap! It also makes me wonder if all of these "advances" and safeguards are really beneficial to society. Or are they just making us more paranoid of what might happen?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006