Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Drink Plenty of Fluids

I think I got dehydrated this weekend. I've felt kinda crummy all weekend long, but it was really bad last night. I was in bed by 7:30pm and didn't get out until 9 the next morning.

I have no patience for feeling nauseous. I'd much rather have someone stomp on my foot with a stiletto heel than be nauseous.

I went to work today b/c I knew that we'd already be short-handed. One woman's father passed last week and the funeral was today, so she'll be out this week. Anyway, I got zero sympathy at work as well. One woman sprained her ankle and was in an air cast and another woman had sciatica pain so she was miserable as well.

The day went on and I muddled through until the end. On my way home I stopped at the store and picked up some (low sodium) saltines and Gatorade. A woman at work suggested that I might be dehydrated as you can have the symptoms that I have when there's no agua in your system and/or you are on a water pill.

Anyway....I'm feeling a little better now, so apparently the fluids are working.
So kids, remember: keep plenty of fluids in your system when it's hot out, you ride about 20 miles on your bike and/or you're on a water pill.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunday Ride

Yesterday my uncle had the brilliant idea to go for ice cream. He asked if I wanted to go, and me being an ice cream lover said "SURE! "

However, he left out one little detail....we'd have to ride our bikes about 10 miles to get the ice cream. I decided to go since I wasn't doing much of anything else at that time. So, at 4:30pm he came up the drive in his Explorer and he loaded my bike up. We then picked up our cousin and loaded her bike up too.

As we were driving, I told my uncle and cousin how my grandparents would come pick us up in my grandpa's 66 Mustang Convertible (man I want this car!) and we'd all go for a ride to get ice cream. Or they'd take us to their house at the lake and then on the way home stop and get ice cream. My uncle said "well we can ride to the lake too!" To which I replied "No way!" (it would be well over 40 miles just there!)

About 20 minutes later we were at our starting point. We got everything situated and headed out. The sun beat down on us as we trodded along the path. It seemed like instantly we were drenched in sweat. Finally, we headed into a shaded part of the trail and stopped for a rest. My legs were already screaming and I was out of breath. We breaked for about 5 minutes or so and then hopped back on our bikes and continued on.

Even though the trail seemed to be fairly flat, there must have been an ever so slight grade to it which made it quite difficult for me. But, I made it!

What's really cool about this path is that it used to be railroad tracks. And part of it (the northern part of it that we didn't take) follows the Ohio and Erie Canal. While riding, we saw many people out and about either riding their bikes too or just walking and enjoying the trail.

We veered from the path to get to the ice cream stand. We pedaled through the town and then came to a major highway. We crossed Route 30 and finally made it to our destination.

Dismounting our bikes, we propped them up against the trees and got our reward. I got a twist cone....yummy! We rested for quite a bit here and watched an inchworm make his way around the picnic table we were sitting at.

As we were getting ready to make our way back to our starting point, I realized that it would be tougher for me than when we started. I heard a weird noise while pushing my bike to the parking lot and looked at my front tire...it was flat! Good thing the people I was riding with were avid riders who had all their tools and gadgets necessary to fix my bike. My uncle changed the tube since it had a nice hole in it and then pumped it up a little bit. Once it was back on the bike, my cousin and me pedaled across the major highway to the gas station and filled up my tire the rest of the way.

The ride home seemed to be a lot easier than the ride there....and shorter too. I don't know what it was that made it that way, but it was nice. On the ride back we saw lots of little creatures and critters getting their dinners and of course scampering away once we got closer to them. Oh and there were also TONS of bugs out there....yuck!

After our ride I was wiped out! I got back to my house around 9:30pm and I was barely able to take the shower that I so desperately needed. Then....I crashed!

Sunday, May 28, 2006


This morning I was on my blogger dashboard when I glanced at the "Blogs of Note" list. I usually don't look at this list, but I did today and the blog I came across was well worth it.

When I first read the title "My Life with bad English" I immediately thought of the band from the 80's! However, once I clicked on the link and looked around a bit, I found out that it is a blog about a man's journey from the Soviet Union to the United States and the subsequent adventures of living in a foreign country. It is truely an unique way of blogging and I wish I was tech-y enough to know how to do it....well and have a video camera too might help!

Anyway, I thought I would share this with all who read my blog just in case you're like me and never really pay attention to the "Blogs of Note" list b/c it's never your own listed there! :)

I hope you enjoy it like I did. Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sunday, May 21, 2006

the end of anticipation

I finally got the nerve to check my grades online today. Just now actually.

And here they are:

3D CAD/VIZ (aka the computer class from hell): A-
Digital Assembledge: A
Studio VII (aka thesis project from hell): A- (and even though I'm not sure I actually deserve this grade, I'm taking it anyway!)

So for this semester I end with a 3.750 and a cummulative GPA of 3.635 which means that I graduate Magna Cum Laude. I just made the cut-off. Whew!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Since Tuesday night I've been annoyed...

I've been having an allergic reaction to something, but I don't know what. The palms of my hands, the bottoms of my feet and various parts of my body have been itchy....VERY itchy. Like scratch the skin right off kind of itchy. Then little welts would appear and disappear just as quick as they came.

I called my doctor and he said to take Benadryl. So, my kind dad went to the store and got me some b/c I didn't think I could stop scratching enough to drive. So I took one and after about an hour I didn't feel any relief, so I took another and then about a half hour later, I felt better and fell asleep...for 3 1/2 hours!

Now I've been taking the Benadryl every time the itching starts again, but now it's just my hands and my feet, without welts though. I just really wish I knew what was causing this reaction so I can either avoid it, get rid of it or whatever needs to be done so I can stop itching!

I'm very annoyed!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Heart stopper

There are few shows on TV that are so well written, you're just drawn into it. Most others are just a waste of film. Grey's Anatomy though is just an awesome show and tonite's episode proved it again. This episode is right up there with the "bomb in the body" episode(s). It was just going along and you thought the big issue was Derek, Meredith, and Addison or perhaps Burke and Yang. But the plot of Denny and Izzie just keeps on building and building until the final moments, leaving you on the edge of your seat!

I know some people have a problem with Izzie and Denny b/c of the whole "crossing the line" thing, but really people it's just a show! (and no one seemed to have a problem that Jack from LOST married HIS patient!!!) Anyway, her freaking out and admitting that she loved him and begging him to "do this for me!" was such an amazing and powerful scene.

A somewhat predictable part of the show was "Petey" coming back, but I had NO idea that Burke would be one of the victims. That was a shocker!!! And I was just sitting there yelling at Izzie, "Don't cut the cord!!! Burke's not coming!!!"

Now I have to wait until tomorrow night to see what's going to happen. Will they answer all the questions or will they leave us hanging until next season??!! I can't take the suspense!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's going on...

Yeah it will be 1 week tomorrow since I gave my horrible presentation. And apparently you're all on the edge of your seats wanting to know what I've been doing since then. Well...I haven't done much of anything! Surprised???

So anyway, I've got to start looking for an internship and then a job. It's going to be interesting coordinating the internship with my job. Why not quit it? you say. Well, I can't quit it b/c most internships don't pay what I make now and don't offer insurance. Being older I know it's wise to have health insurance cause you just never know what might happen! Plus seeing all the young people coming into my office who don't have insurance (and coincidentally no job either!) and if they don't qualify for the hospital charity program, they're probably stuck with a high bill.

Wow what a tangent....speaking of work though, I was asked for my phone number the other day....by a 58 yr old man, who I wasn't sure was speaking English. He told me how pretty I was and that he wanted my phone number. I just kinda ignored him and he just kept going on and on about it. He also said something about how we already have some things in common...what those are I have NO clue! So anyway, I finished making his appointment and he asked if I wrote my number on there. To which I replied, no, but our office phone number is on the card. He didn't like that much, but still went away. I immediately went and checked the schedule...I'm off the morning he's coming in! Whew!!!

Another tangent....I know you're also all wondering what I did for my project, so here are some pics. Hope you like em!

Remember this lovely building???

Well here's what I did with it:




And here are the horrible renderings that I did using that program that really gave me difficulties earlier in the semester:




Now mind you, the colors aren't what the actual materials are. Again, I was struggling with this program and couldn't make them look any darker. Ugh!

So, please be kind and don't think that you wouldn't even trust me to design your dog house let alone any other space! And let's just hope that an employer will see the potential and hire me anyway!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006



I went to visit Skii and the Pickerington gang yesterday. I LOVE their new place. It's so roomy compared to their other houses.

I came back home this morning b/c it was Izzy B's B-day and they went back to I-town to celebrate with her Granny and Pappy. But rest assured that with them living only 2 hours away now I'll be visiting more frequently. Yippee!!

Ok...off to clean my room even though it's a gorgeous day outside. Since I've been in school it's been looking like this:

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I HATE PRESENTATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I wanted to thank each and every one of you who had the utmost faith in me and my ability to finish my project. It was rough and there were times that I wanted to just drop out and work at Home Depot, but I stuck with it and completed my project. There were also 9 casualties this past week, but I am confident that those 9 nails will grow back at some point in time.

I do think that my perseverance was largely due to you guys and your words of encouragement. Without you, this project wouldn't be done and I would have dropped out. (bet you guys didn't think there was that much pressure on you at the time, now did you?!)

So, you're all probably wondering what I did after my project was checked in. Well, I did go home, showered and tried to stay up a little longer, but fell asleep by 3pm. I slept until 6, ate dinner (first time I had a real meal in a week and it was steak! Thanks Daddy!), then it was a little TV until I fell asleep again about 7:30. I woke up around 10pm then went to bed....until 10am! I think that's the longest I've ever slept in my whole life (minus the time I was an infant)!

Now today I get to go to work. boo, hiss. After that, I have to go back to school to pick up the rest of my stuff from studio and then get to working on my presentation.

Again, I do thank you all! It is great to know there is such wonderful people out there in blogland who care.
And in reply to those who commented on my last post:

Phats: I think you can be a little more creative than that! And no, you have to keep your fingers crossed until May 5th at about 1:40pm. Then I'll be completely done!

Gareth: Thanks for keeping me awake until noon yesterday. Although it was rough that last hour. Just so you know! And your title is funny and oh so true!

Batty: I'm holding you to that! And you'll have to come visit wherever I land after I get my awesome job!

FU: Thanks! And yeah he is kinda John Mayer-esque, but it's a catchy little ditty. I must tell you though that I really liked Matt York on your blog and have to get his CD someday.

Well it's just about time for me to leave for work...boo hiss. So thanks again to everyone! I really and truly appreciate it! :)

Monday, May 01, 2006


I never thought I'd see the end of this semester and this horrid project. I did think though that my final, senior project would be stellar. The most magnificient thing this ID program has ever seen. Now, I fear that it might be the worst.....well ok, maybe not THE worst, but at least in the bottom 3. I mean, if I were on American Idol, I would need a severe miracle from the home viewers to stay on.

But, it's done. I don't have to do another design project for school ever again! And if I ever speak about going for my Masters, I'm giving everyone the right to slap me silly!!! (Unless, of course, my place of employment is footing the bill that is)

Now, all I have to do is come up with some pretty good BS to "defend" my project b/c it's really crappy. (just ask Gareth...I told him all about it) After Cinco de Mayo I'll be done with school. All that stands in my way is finding, getting, and completeing an internship. After that, BIG-time paying ID job. Sa-weet!

Ok....gonna sit around studio here for about 15 more minutes to get my project "checked-in" and then I'm off to home for a shower and some zzzzzzzz's. I haven't slept for more than 5 hours this whole week. And as I type this I'm going on about 26 hours without any sleep, so I'm a little pooed.

But I'll be posting more now....which I guess means that I'm going to have to think of a new title for my blog as well since I won't be an ID student anymore. Hmmmmmm.......any suggestions??