Friday, October 27, 2006

White noise

I'm sure all of you have heard of the term "white noise." Well, my office employs this "technology" and I have to tell you, it drives me INSANE!!!! The incessant droning of the noise makes me want to gouge my eyes out so I have to go back to my other job....ok, that's a little far-fetched, but pretty close!

I've never been one to be able to ignore sounds that just drone on and on constantly. Fans? Can't stand 'em. Ventilation running? Rather open a window.

These sounds just give me a headache and literally make it difficult to work. It's SO loud that I have a hard time hearing people on the phone. One person asked "What if you have music playing?" To which I replied, "I do, but I can't turn it up loud enough to drown out the white noise without it blairing!" (hence defeating the purpose of the white noise)

I was told they had to turn it up in my area b/c of the three women who sat there. They were a little on the loud side. Well, the one is gone and another is out of the office most of the time and the third doesn't say much now b/c the others are gone. Supposedly it can be turned down, so I think I'll be asking to have that done...and soon!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

If you plant wildflowers, are they still considered wild?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sad news

Yesterday, a postal carrier was shot and killed in Canton. She was delivering mail in a very shady part of the city. The day before, she had heard shots fired and went back to the post office without delivering the rest of the mail.

Today I found out that she was someone I knew. I met her through my friend D. She was a very cool person. So kind, caring, loving, full of life! I will miss her.

My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to her family and friends.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New toy

I bought a digital camera today! Now, don't get all excited. It was only $20 and it's really really small.

It's a keychain camera that takes a few pics, had no flash and can also be used as a video cam and webcam. Skii and I tried to get the webcam to work tonite, but alas there was no luck to be had. I'd show you a pic of it, but I can't take a pic of my camera with my camera....duh.

Anyway, here's a pic of it from the site:

Yeah, so it's not that great, but it should work for those times when you say "gee I wish I had a camera!" (esp since my phone doesn't have one either!) Bad thing: no flash! Thought it did, but was just the view finder that you have to hold 5 miles away from your eye and then you still can't see anything. Oh well.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Must be my last day in Hell!

And if you need one for yourself or someone else, click here!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Movie review

I actually got out to see a couple movies these past couple weeks. Both of them were great in their own rights too. Very good choices I must admit!

First up:
Little Miss Sunshine

This is a story about a family who drives from AZ to CA in order for their little girl Olive to compete in the Little Miss Sunshine Pagent.

Her grandpa helps her secretly with her talent, a dance routine. The brother, Duane, won't speak until he gets into the Air Force to become a pilot.

As they travel, mishaps abound which makes for a very interesting and funny (in both a "funny, haha" & "funny, sad" kind of way) plot. If you have a chance to see it, I would highly recommend it. A great friend of mine recommended it to me and after I saw it, I told him he was right.
Next up:
The Departed

What can I say about this movie?! It was a great ride from beginning to end. No slow parts whatsoever. This movie kept Skii & I guessing up until the very end!

Jack's character, Frank, was larger than life, which I doubt was a stretch for Jack. His perfomance kinda reminded me of "The Shining"....just kinda crazy.

Mark "Marky Mark" Walhberg did a great job being the hard-nosed sidekick to Sheen's Queenan. (although I was SO looking for the "Funky Bunch" to show up, but alas they did not)

Seeing Leo up on the big screen though made me forget all about that stupid little boat movie he made a few years ago. He looks a lot hotter now!

So, get out there and go see a movie!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A way to increase voter turn-out

I have a plan that will increase the voter turn-out by millions...if not billions! I know you're probably thinking that it's impossible, but once you hear my plan, you'll realize how truly brilliant it is....ergo how brilliant I am as well.

Now, there are many candidates that start out in the beginning, right? Then it just dwindles down until there are at least two, if not three or so candidates to choose from. So, there you are in the little booth trying to remember who was bashed the most/least out of the candidates and then choose one. Or perhaps you do it by whose name you like more or who's cuter. However you devise your plan to vote, you'll no longer have to rely on it b/c you'll now be an informed voter and be more confidant in your choice.

Ok, I know you're all waiting to hear my miraculous plan, so here it's kinda like an analogy.People like reality TV, right? They love the drama, the fights, the "reality" of it all. They love to call and vote for their favorites or vote off those they despise. However, no one really likes politicians. Never know who's telling the truth and who's lying.

So, to solve this problem, I propose that we take ALL the candidates and have them live together according to the office they're running for. Each week they have to do amazing stunts to help the public decide who should win. Week after week the number of candidates would dwindle down until only the best were left. Then at the end, it's a winner take all wrestling match....people love wrastlin', don't they???

That's my proposal. Anyone think it might work? I sure do! More people would vote and maybe, just maybe we'd get to who the candidates really are instead of just trying to get through the voting season without shooting our TV's b/c of all the dang ad's that run non-stop! Or just picking people by making a cool design with the puncher thingy and hoping our Chad's don't dangle! :D

Watch the Birdie

So I was driving home tonite in my neighborhood and as I turned onto the next street, I quickly realized that there was a young boy coming at me. He was riding with no hands in the middle of the street, closer to my side than the middle. He realized he was about to become my hood ornament, so he grabbed his handles and swerved out of the way....albeit kinda slowly. His friend was a little more conscious and was riding on the correct side of the street, although if a car came, he'd probably be in trouble.

After I passed the boy, who was probably no more than 8 years old, I looked into my rear view mirror and he had turned around on his bike to give me the bird!!!! I was appalled!!!! (ok, I kinda thought it was funny, but still, don't kids respect people any more? Are we to just move outta their way just b/c they're in ours??!!)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Smells like fall

My very first Apple Pie....made from scratch!
(with a little help from my mother)

quit my job today!

***Clarification: I quit my job b/c I was offered a full-time position as an intern where I'm interning (duh) which will then turn into a "real job!" It was SO great to turn in my notice! My last day: Friday the 13th.