Monday, April 30, 2007

Dance Fever!

Tomorrow night I will be going to see the best movie ever made.....with Patrick Swayze! Yes, I'm talking about that great cinematic feature:

My friends and I have watched this movie over, and over, and over, and over since it came out on that new fandango technology, otherwise known as "VHS." So tomorrow night, I'll get to see it on the BIG screen! (I don't think I got to see it in the theatres the first time around) The soundtrack was even one of the first cassette tapes I ever purchased with my own dough too! I'm so excited that I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonite!!!!

It's going to be awesome!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

In it for myself

While working on my degree, I always contemplated starting my own business. However, a great name for my design company has eluded me. I usually used "DG" Designs. But I want something more catchy, cool, unique, fantabulous! (You get the idea) I want to make some business cards that are just for me and not for the company I currently work for as people have asked me for ones and I really don't want to hand out my company card for personal business. You know?

Does anyone have any ideas out there aside from the usual cheeky answers I get when I ask these kinds of questions? Amidst all my creativity (and it's still debatable I have any in the first place), I cannot come up with anything. Therefore, I thought I'd do a enormous (kinda) brainstorming session with blogland and see what all you wonderful, crazy, creative people could come up with.

So, put your thinking cap on and give me my great business name! If I find one I like, I'll always contribute the dy-no-mite name to you!

Seriously, I need your help!!!!

***Ok, ok, ok! I guess I'm assuming that everyone already knows and/or never forgets everything about me. Although I never did take into account complete strangers stopping by and putting their two cents in either! (an oversight on my part and I appologize!)

So, for those not in the know, I am an interior designer. I can create floor plans, elevations, details, sections, perspectives, renderings
(all by hand and/or on CAD), and tons of other stuff along with the decorating side of things (ie wall colors, furniture, drapery, etc.). I'm assuming that in the beginning, I'll be doing more residential than commercial, so I'd rather it not be definitive in nature. I hope this helps! If not, ask me more and I shall tell you! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Your Brain's Pattern

You have a dreamy mind, full of fancy and fantasy.
You have the ability to stay forever entertained with your thoughts.
People may say you're hard to read, but that's because you're so internally focused.
But when you do share what you're thinking, people are impressed with your imagination.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Going under the knife this isn't the post I promised, but did want to update you all from my "Name That Organ" game.

Tomorrow morning, I will be having a part of me removed. No, not my brain....and not just b/c you can't remove what you never had (I heard that, Gareth!). Tomorrow my gallbladder and I will be going our separate ways. It's been a good relationship over these past 31 (almost 32) years. It took my extra bile and stored it beautifully until I needed it to digest fattier foods. However, recent disagreements have caused us to come to the bittersweet decision to part, to go on without the other.

Once we are separated, I will then be taking it and sending it to Skii who wants to sell it on E-bay since no one wanted it for winning my game. :( Although she wonders if there are any laws forbidding the sale of human organs on E-bay. I did point out to her that most organs sold on the black market are usable and mine, on the other hand, is not. She should be safe. Maybe my gallbladder will go for the more than anything ever on E-bay. It's worth it, isn't it?!

The post I've promised will come this weekend depending on how well I take being separated from my gallbladder. Until then!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

On the Next Episode of "The Life of a Design Goddess"...

* dirty, dusty messes
* things lost, now found
* things lost best left lost
* organization at its best
* interesting positions
* fashion statements
* and much, much more!

all coming up right after this....

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Guess I Was Wrong

The other day I posted how you could tell it was springtime in Ohio....I forgot to mention the OTHER way you can tell.

It goes from weather like this:

To weather like this:

...again, in one day!

And if that's not bad enough, here's the extended forecast.

Apr 5
Few Snow Showers / Wind
N/A/21° 30%

High not valid after 2pm
Apr 6
Few Snow Showers
36°/24° 30%
Apr 7
Snow Shower
34°/27° 50%
Apr 8
Few Snow Showers
38°/28° 30%
Apr 9
Few Snow Showers
37°/32° 30%
Apr 10
Few Showers
45°/41° 30%
Apr 11
48°/38° 40%


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Are You Trying to Tell Me Something???

My sister forwarded this e-mail to me and in it was the picture below. Should I take offense?!?!?!