Saturday, June 30, 2007

Searching for 'Happy Saturday'

Here's what you find!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sad Ending

If any of you in the US have heard about the missing pregnant woman, Jessie Davis, from Ohio, there has been an update as of yesterday afternoon.

For those of you not in the know, Jessie, who is 26 and about 9 months pregnant, went missing June 14th. Her 2-yr-old son was left in their house alone for about 1-1/2 days until his grandmother came over to find out where her daughter was.

This quickly became national news and there have been TONS of news crews, both local and national, hanging out at the county jail since then. There have been many local people out searching for her since her disappearance as well. On Thursday, there were about 2,500 people on foot and horse looking in rural areas for her. Knowing that can only mean a grim outcome, but there had to be some sort of ending to it.

That ending came yesterday around 3:30pm. Someone found her body in a national park in the next county. The officials aren't releasing any information about it as they are still in the process of investigating the case. However, Jessie's boyfriend was arrested on 2 counts of murder. One for Jessie's life and one for her unborn child.

This is such a sad case and one that keeps on happening more and more is seems. I just can't understand why people do things that "normal" people would never even DREAM of doing! The only good thing to come out of this is that her family now has the answer to "What happened to Jessie?!"

May God be with Jessie, her unborn child (Chloe), the entire Davis family and everyone who helped in the search for her.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Luck 'o the Irish?

Last weekend, a couple friends and I went to an Irish Festival featuring Irish food, beverage (read beer), and entertainment.

A sampling of the food.

And some more Irish delicacies.

The beverages.
(though just the beer was there, no toucan. )

The entertainment.
(there actually was some real, Irish entertainment, I just didn't get a pic of it!)

However, these next sights, confused and confounded me. I had NO idea what they were doing at an Irish Festival!


Gyros and French Fries?!?!

Can anyone explain to me what in the wild, wild world of sports is a goin' on here?!

The Irish couldn't even have their own festival without others intruding! The Italians, Greek, French, and Dutch (yeah there were funnel cakes and elephant ears there too) had to get in on the action as well!

Unfortunately, there was one thing that wasn't there that would have made this whole evening perfect....











But alas, I could not be fortunate enough to gaze upon this beauty, instead I was stuck with people like this....

I couldn't even have their faces in the pic for fear of breaking my phone!

So, let this be a lesson to you! If you go to an "authentic" festival, beware that you might not find all things authentic there! Posers and impostors will abound!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pardon Me While I Drool.........

In case you don't recognize him, here's a hint!

And if that doesn't mean anything to you, then how about this?!

Friday, June 08, 2007

My Vacation........Part One

Ok, since someone's been really impatient about my vacation post, here it is!


~~I apologize if some of my pictures come up as something to open/save versus just taking you to another page. I had already uploaded them to my photo site and just used the "copy image location" thingy and after I posted and checked it, I realized that it asks you to download or open the pics. Sorry!!!

First of all, I think the pilot needs to work on his landings somewhat, dont'cha think?

Then off to my sister's house:

Ok, ok, so that's not really her house.

But this is:

Oh, alright! So, this isn't it either.

HERE it is.

Approaching the house from the road

Getting closer.....

Front gate

The house!
(for some reason, she wouldn't let me any farther than the gate)


I like to find strange/different things wherever I travel, so here are just a few I found....

Oh really?!!??!!

Always places for when you get the......

I think this is where Chad came into the world:

For the REALLY impatient people.....someone must be their #1 customer.

Hmmmm, I'm hungry!

How the heck did we end up in Paris????

We thought about all of us getting our hair cut,
but once we saw this sign, we thought twice about it!

Does it mean that everyone gets the same style no matter what sex they are?!?!

How is this possible?!?!

What an interesting combination!

Need I say more?!?!?

I'm not sure how they knew I was coming here,
but I was certainly glad to see they were prepared!!!

Ok. That's all I'm going to post for now, but stay tuned! Part two is coming up shortly!