Saturday, March 29, 2008

Design tip of the week

A new feature here on the Design Goddess blog.....Design Tip of the Week!

Here I, the ever-wise Design Goddess, will impart my great interior design knowledge. It is my goal to inform each and every one who reads this blog in what's hot...and what's not.

As well, if you have a burning design question that you desperately need an answer to, I would be more than happy to oblige. Just think! You're getting great interior design advice and it's costing you a big whopping Goose Egg!

Hopefully, this will actually keep me blogging at least once a week and have something relative to interior design. So, I hope you enjoy the first edition of:

Design Goddess's
Design Tip of the Week!

Warm and fuzzy is fine for stuffed animals, greeting cards, and chick flicks. However, it is NOT fine for your car's interior!

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Here's what I saw outside my window this morning....
and has been since yesterday!
We got to leave work at 2pm b/c of the snow. Woo hoo!
We didn't even have this much snow at Christmas!

And look at this fool who's actually out IN it!
I mean, there's not much that would get me to go outside in this crap today!

Some lovely icicles hanging off our spouting. Oooooo Aaaaaaaa

Looks like those Global Warming freaks are right, eh?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I feel dirty. OH so dirty!

As some of you may have heard, today was Primary day in Ohio. And just so we're clear, it's not the day that we paint the whole state in Red, Yellow, & Blue. Oh, no! Today is the day we vote for our candidate for President of these United States of America.

The weather really set the stage for the day too.

In the northern part, there's ice, snow, sleet, and rain.

(this is a tree in our yard. ALL of the trees in my area are covered in ice.)

In central Ohio, they had flooding. As for the Southern and Western part of the state, seems like they had typical March weather for Ohio.....cloudy and cold.

So, this evening, I drive to my voting location (a CHURCH!) and get my little voting card for the automated machine. But! Before I do, I ask for a Democratic ticket!! If any of you know me, you know my position on the current candidates....there really isn't one that's good enough for me.

However, I decided to bite the bullet and vote for Hillary. Now, before you judge me either way, let me tell you my reasoning for it.

  1. This is just the primary and there isn't a good candidate.
  2. McCain is pretty much the only Republican running, so he really doesn't need my vote.
  3. If I HAVE to vote for someone, I might as well as vote for Hillary so that it's one less for Obama. He scares me MORE than Hillary and if you feel otherwise, that's terrific! Feel free to tell me why....BUT do NOT tell me it's b/c "He's a swell guy." or similar rhetoric. Give me specifics! Tell me which exact policies of his you like and why.
  4. If we're going to go down, might as well have a party while doing it as I'm sure Bill will make sure to happen.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get the scum off me. Anyone have a wire brush I can borrow?!